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Services and activities for children

During the time our little ones are at Nimbo we offer them activities and proposals so that they can enjoy themselves to the maximum while they learn and have fun at the same time! Every week we do Music and Psychomotricity with a specialist and all our students do the KidsandUs English programme. In addition, in Infant 2 we have our own swimming pool activity.

We have our own kitchen as we understand that food at this stage is the most important pillar that we must take care of as much as possible.

Cocina propia

Own Cuisine

Food at Nimbo is a priority, offering balanced menus that cover the nutritional needs at each stage. With our own kitchen, we prepare various menus every day according to the needs of each child. The dining room and the terrace help the children to acquire healthy habits and socialisation. We use local and responsibly grown products, with authorisation from the Catalan Department of Health.

Kids & Us

Introduction to English

We believe that during the first stage of children’s lives it is interesting to offer them new stimuli and opportunities and for this reason all the children in Infant 1 and Infant 2 take the KidsandUs course, an English method designed especially for them, which they also love!

Estimulación psicomotora

Psychomotor stimulation

We understand that during the early years, children move from resting to walking and running. Psychomotor stimulation is therefore essential. We have a gym of more than 60 metres and a specialist in psychomotor skills who promotes the physical and psychomotor development of the children.



We offer an innovative service that connects us online with the Hospital de Nens de Barcelona. This provides families with unlimited and free access to free medical and psycho-pedagogical consultations in various specialities via videoconferencing. We are also close to the CAP d’Esplugues, with emergency service, and 10 minutes from the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu. Children are covered by accident and liability insurance.

Música en Nimbo

Music at Nimbo

Music is a means of communication that helps children relate to the world. A specialist conducts weekly sessions with each group, enhancing their hearing, memory and creativity. Music channels emotions, improves well-being and helps to relax and control feelings. Promotes dancing, encouraging children to move naturally. In conclusion, music contributes to children’s all-round development and enriches life at school.


Swimming Pool

Swimming is an optional extracurricular activity. Every week, during school hours from October to June, we visit the Garbí Pere Vergés school in Esplugues to promote psychomotor development in the water, including sensory, intellectual and social aspects. The children gain confidence and skill, and the mentors participate in the water to provide additional security.

Activities with family

Nimbo is more than a school, it is a space open to all families. We love the relationship and direct contact with parents and whenever we can we invite them to come and spend some time together! We also offer families specific afternoon activities to enjoy together, such as music sessions in English or, soon, family yoga.

Parties and celebrations

We offer an ideal space for families to enjoy the weekends. Those interested can rent our facilities, including the beautiful courtyard and the spacious dining room, with full access to the kitchen. It is perfect for birthday parties or just to spend a quiet and cosy time with friends. In addition, during their stay, they will have the support of an educator who can organise games and activities for the enjoyment of the little ones.

Agenda Digital

Digital Agenda

At Nimbo we want our families to know at all times how their children are doing, whether they have slept, eaten, and to share with them photos and videos of our day to day life.

That is why we use a digital diary which is another communication tool with them, in addition to the direct contact in the morning and at pick-up, which is essential for us.

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