“Slow parenting” and the value of boredom

We often hear our children repeat that “they are bored.” Chances are they do plaintively, like a sort of cry in which we say: “Help I have nothing exciting to do, and want you to solutions”.

It seems as if our Western culture, industrialized, the “doing” was a mistake,as if “constant action” was the only state in which we should be forever, and once it stops, we feel lost and we panic thinking that “we’re wasting time.”

If we add that we are living a unique moment in the history of childhood, where parents feel great pressure to give our children the best of everything “perfect” childhoodis easy to imagine the pressure the complaint of our bored children represents us.

An answer to this extreme situation, a result of a competitive and consumerist world is starting to rediscover the simple pleasures of life, which means families spend time together. This rotation is derived what is known as Slow parentingor slow aging.

What is Slow parenting ?

This is a philosophy of life and parenting, who believes that faster is not always better. People and children need fewer scheduled activities and more time in nature, less entertainment and more inner peace.

Slow does not mean doing things a screw speed, but it means doing them at the right speed. This implies quality over quantity, and a real and meaningful human connections, we invite you to be present at all times.

We all are in the present moment so busy, t e have to be active to make the family space. Like all our activities, it is necessary to mark this purpose on a calendar, ” says Carrie Contey, cofounder of Slow Family Livinga series of classes, workshops and lectures that help families find ways to slow things down . ” We can decide that since we are all together on Thursday morning, we make a special breakfast. Or one night we walk before going to sleep. Something can become really special for children who will remember him as they age, ” he adds Contey doctor in prenatal and perinatal psychology.

Although it may seem difficult to change the way that so far we have done things, John Duffy, clinical psychologist and author of The Available Parent, says that it is actually quite simple to start.

“I encourage parents to take time to observe their children, either playing, doing homework or just picnicking, ” says Duffy. ” Take a moment to look at them. This simple pause, if only for a moment, can lead to a change in the rhythm“.

“Disconnect selected electronic devices, social networks and dating, it is also a good way to reconnect with our family, ” says David Elkind, a child psychologist and professor at Tufts University. ” Life has become more demanding with technology. Going out, smell the flowers, watch the stars, play with our children in the park. Children can learn a lot about people and about themselves simply playing games with his family” .

Parents said Contey also profit from going outdoors. ” When you’re indoors, it ‘s really tempting to jump to your computer or get involved in household chores. When you are in nature, it is a soft reset that helps us to make a” click “in ourselves“.

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