How snacks should be for children between 1 and 3 years of age

Most young children work well with three main meals and two or three snacks a day (mid – morning, mid – afternoon and, if necessary, after dinner). Healthy snacks serve to improve nutrient intake that your child needs to stay healthy.

Healthy snack

Healthy and given timely snacks can help balance an uneven diet, helping children to hold up well between meals and preventing are hungry enough to get nervous and cranky. Your influence on feeding your child will never be as important as you have now.

Your child will only eat what you serve them and asks what he knows to keep in the closet From the Kitchen to. Take this opportunity to establish healthy habits.

Make collection of fresh foods rich in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, protein and fiber) and try to avoid processed, prepared and packaged foods, which are often high in sugar, salt and fat.

Children this age should eat alone, so think of simple foods that can be eaten with your hands and are cut into small pieces, such as grain breakfast cereals and low-sugar; fresh fruit, cut to thin pieces; whole grain crackers and rolls of small size; cheese cut strips. Portions should also be reduced in size. Small portions help prevent a glutton overdo it.

Respects hours snacks

The routine is good for children; therefore, intended to serve main meals and at about the same time every day snacks. This way, your child will always know what to expect. If you allow your child to eat all day without following a schedule, you may lose the ability to detect their own tracks hunger and satiety, what could lead to eating more than necessary.

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