Educate your children with a sense of humor: laugh is one of the best medicines!

Laughter and good humor are often the best medicine. Children discover laughter spontaneously within a few weeks of birth, and throughout his childhood laughter will accompany and fill our home with happiness.

But as parents, do we help our children cultivate a sense of humor? ¿We try to learn to laugh without hurting anyone? Shall we try that they can see in their errors and ours a chance to look at things from another perspective? Do we take time to have fun with our children?

A sense of humor is so necessary in family life as it is discipline, education or values. Relations between parents and children spend time allow and have fun, good humor and laugh are healthier, less tense and more cordial. Humor also helps us to see problems with a correct dimension, neither overestimated nor underestimated, while knowing laugh from our mistakes makes it easy to redirect situations that otherwise would increase tension and conflict.

A sense of humor also educates

We tend to think that humor is part of our genetic makeup, like blue eyes or big feet. But the sense of humor is really a quality that is learned and can develop in children.

Children love to have fun, and parents is easy for us to make them laugh when they are babies, but as they grow older and begin to feel responsibility for their education, little by little we can get away from the daily expressions of joy with which we were heading to them when they were small. We get perfectionists led by tension and stress, and often spend most of the time correcting and pointing errors, conflicts and difficulties.

We often forget to spend time with our children amused when the mood also can help us a lot in their education. Let it be models happy and fun people, regardless of families who spend time together having fun, create closer links and lasting relationship.

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